“When I recently suffered a serious vocal injury, my sessions with Amy Hanks noticeably catalyzed my healing process. Her patience in carefully observing my symptoms, all the while considering my feelings and habits, not only made me feel assured that I was in the best of hands, but revealed to me all the causes of my injury and enabled an expedited healing. Within a relatively short period of time my injury healed completely and I regained my confidence to perform.”
– Anonymous, San Francisco Opera

“I originally sought out MAP for arthritis in my right thumb and carpal tunnel syndrome causing numbness to my right hand. All that Western medicine could offer me was pain medication, surgery or a cortisone shot. I had tried these methods and didn’t like the side effects. Those problems are now pretty much resolved. I have an occasional twinge in the right thumb which is little more than a slight annoyance. The numbness is gone.

More recently I developed pain in my left thumb that was so severe I thought about quitting. The acupuncture treatments have greatly reduced this pain. On a scale of 0 to 10 the pain is now a 2 or 3, down from a 9 or 10, and is present only with the more challenging fingering positions.

Acupuncture has also alleviated other problems such as stress; and using acupuncture to treat urinary tract infections has allowed me to avoid antibiotics. These “sensitive” types of afflictions have been handled discreetly and privately even in the setting of the MAP clinic.

As an aging musician with a still vital career, I feel that acupuncture is extending my career. My hands are moving as nimbly and flexibly as they ever did. I only wish that I had been able to use acupuncture as a young person — I might have avoided the arthritis which 40 years of cello playing has inflicted on my hands. I have recommended MAP to many people who I work with or teach and will continue to do so.”
– Jill Rachuy Brindel, cellist and teacher
San Francisco Symphony
Trio Navarro
San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra Coach

“I have been treated by Amy for close to 3 years through SF Bay MAP. These on-going treatments (including both acupuncture and herbs) have made it possible for me to handle and overcome chronic anxiety, relieve and manage the pain of the repetitive stress injury from my day job, and process grief and depression after the death of my mother. I always look forward to my treatments with Amy as she creates a safe, warm environment while she is also incredibly professional.”
– Anonymous, Jazz Singer

“I was having issues with my arm due to a traffic accident in India, and aggravated by some intense work in my keyboard practice. I saw Amy regularly for about two or three months, and the problem completely disappeared. Being in her office is like a spa treatment – very relaxing, comfortable, and supportive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to go see her, and will certainly return if any symptoms or problems ever arise. She’s great.”
– Jonathan Dimmock, Freelance keyboard player, conductor, and San Francisco Symphony musician

“I’ve been receiving treatments at MAP for menopause-related symptoms including hot flashes, mood swings and sleep disturbance which cause general tiredness. I improved right away, and have continued to steadily improve. My moods have evened out as the hot flashes decrease in frequency and intensity; I’m sleeping better, so have more energy. These treatments have already helped me more than anything else that I’ve tried – I had just about given up hope that I’d ever feel better.

Because of this improvement, I was able to do a better job playing piano for my 84-year old hospice patient – he and his caretakers really enjoyed our sing-alongs!

Amy runs the MAP clinic very efficiently, allowing her to overlap clients, while still giving each one her personal attention. She really cares about helping her clients, and is obviously a versatile and accomplished acupuncturist. The clinic atmosphere is very calm and relaxing. I would highly recommend the MAP clinic to anyone interested in acupuncture.”
– Karen Winter, music teacher

“I have had Acupuncture from close to 40 Acupuncturists in my life so far and never have I experienced such results as I have from Amy Hanks. Very caring, professional and affordable; Amy Hanks is as much a master of Chinese herbal medicine as she is acupuncture. Her treatment has eliminated migraine headaches that I have had while simultaneously keeping me balanced on the path to ultimate health. I am extremely grateful to be able to continue under her care. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
– John S.


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